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"Metula" Game Page

This is a one / two player board game, in "3D". The objective of the game is to block the enemy player's pawn.

On each turn, the player moves its pawn to a neighbour square, and then places a block on any square on the board. If you play against the computer, you can choose between several difficulty levels. You can also ask the computer for a "hint" for your next move.

System Requirements: DOS, Win 95, Win 98 (It WON'T work on Win NT or Win 2000! ) - Screen resolution: 800 X 600.

File Size: 1.3MB (zip file), 3.9MB (installed)

Last Version: 1.3 (December 2001)

Click on any of the screenshots for a bigger picture
Game features
  • '3D' game screen
  • Five AI levels for the computer player
  • Three Undo levels

  • Hints
  • Configurable (see below)


Player configurable options
  • One or two players
  • Computer AI level (one player)
  • Keyboard / mouse input

  • Board starting position
  • Enable / disable sound


Download Metula V1.3

Note: This program is FREEWARE

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