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Friends & Family (III)



Fotos Anteriores - Previous Photos (Updated 14/02/2002)


En febrero de este anio, fuimos de viaje al "Hermon", en el norte de Israel. En total participaron 14 familias de trabajadores de Motorola en el viaje.
On February 2002, 14 families from Motorola went together to the "Hermon" (northern Israel). The following are photos from the trip. Thanks to Liora for organizing the trip, and to Moti and Oded for the photos.


Tali at the bowling
Gideon at the bowling
At the center: Moti, Dana and Eti

Tali, Gideon & me
Tali, Gideon, Dana

Family pics
Ale, Lily
Tuly, Andy, Jessie, Javier, Lily, Ale.
Lily y Ale
Ale, Jessie, Lily, Andy
Ale y Leonor

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