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This is a one player space game. Based on a well known arcade game from the early '70s from Atari.

You control a Lunar Lander. You can rotate it and apply different levels of thrust, in order to land on defined spots, at a controlled speed. The game simulates gravity and atmosferic drag effects (as well as inertia).

Lunar Lander is now available in two versions: V0.1 and V1.4!

V0.1 includes source code (programmed on DIV). You can use this code freely on any of your games, although I would be glad to hear of any interesting modifications you may do to it. It is a small version, with only one scenario.

V1.4 is the latest version, with 15 scenarios, three difficulty levels, campaign mode, etc.

System Requirements: DOS, Win 95, Win 98 (It WON'T work on Win NT or Win 2000! ) - Screen resolution: 640 X 480.

File Size: V0.1 - 560KB (zip file), 3.2MB (installed) - V1.4 - 1.7MB (zip file)

Last Version: 1.4 (May 2002)

Click on any of the screenshots for a bigger picture (screen shots from Lunar Lander V0.1)



Download Lunar Lander V0.1

Note: This program is FREEWARE

Download Lunar Lander V1.4

Note: This program is FREEWARE, and is hosted by DIV-ARENA site.

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