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"Desert Hawk" Game Page



May 29, 1948 - An armoured column of Egiptian vehicles is in its way to Tel Aviv. Only a blown bridge an 40 km. separate between the force and the city.

Suddendly, four small points appear in the sky. They are the first Israeli fighters: S-199 Avia ('Sakin'). They strafe and drop some bombs over the column...

Although a modest attack, it was enough to pin down the Egiptian forces, and it was the start of the story of a legend come true: the story of the Israeli Air Force.

In this is one player arcade game, you have the opportunity to climb to the cockpit of a Sakin and face the arab forces during Israel's War of Independence (1948-1949).

As an arcade game, this game is not accurate regarding the weapons or quantities of opponents involved. But the graphics are true to the original ones.

The games depicts the Sakin an its many opponents: Spitfire, C-205 Macchi, Harvard, C-47 and Beaufighter, as well as ground forces with AA capabilities. All the graphics are based from original plans of the actual planes and vehicles (scaled down and painted by me).

Using your guns, cannons and missiles, play through the four missions available at this time, while listening to an inspirating background sound track.

V1.0 features one player only, 4 scenarios, two difficulty levels, keyboard or mouse control and configurable graphic options.

System Requirements: DOS, Win 95, Win 98 (It WON'T work on Win NT, Win 2000 nor Win XP! ) - Screen resolution: 1024 X 768.

File Size: V1.0 - 2.3MB (zip file), approx. 8MB (installed)

Last Version: 1.0 (October 2002)

Click on any of the screenshots for a bigger picture (original graphics of 1024 x 768 were resized to 640 x 480).


Download here!

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