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During 2001, I discovered a great tool called DIV. Since then, I am programming games on most of my free time. It is an excellent hobby, since it includes both thinking and graphic design... and of course it is fun too. Fasttrak, DIV's publisher, has announced a new version to be available soon: DIV2.

Below you will see my finished (or almost) games. There are short descriptions of the games, screenshots; and you can download them. There are also some screenshots from ongoing projects.

For those of them who use or want to use DIV, I have included several tutorials/sample programs. See table below.

Current games:

Space Duel

A "retro" game for two players only. Each player is in control of a spaceship, and obviously it must destroy other player's ship. Periodically, special weapons (power ups) appear on screen.

This was the first game I made with DIV (and I still play it periodically with my son, Gideon). The game is done in "2D", top-down view.

Lunar Lander

A clasic (retro) game. You have to land a spaceship on the Moon. Similarly to the real spaceship, you must rotate it and then use its single main rocket to achieve a safe landing on one of the indicated locations. The game simulates gravity and atmosferic drag.


A board game for one player (against the computer), or two players. The objective of the game is to block the enemy pawn.

I used "3D" graphics for this game. The game also offers hints and undo option.

Desert Hawk

In this arcade game you climb to the cockpit of a WWII plane and take off to defend the skies of Israel during War of Independence (1948 - 1949).

This game was programed to participate in DIV shoot'em up contest. All the graphics in the game were done by me, based on real plans of the planes involved in the conflict.

Under development :

Armored Trains

A shoot-em-up game, ambiented on WWII. You control a train with its two cannons, trying to stop a German contraoffensive. I plan to make this game for one or two players (the latter a cooperative game, both players against computer)

The game uses "3D - isometric" graphics.

Click on this photo for a bigger image

Tarmav Photo Puzzle

A photo puzzle with 6 difficulty levels. Tarmav (1882) is the hebrew acronym for the year of foundation of Rishon LeZion city (Israel). This year is the 120th anniversary of 'Rishon', so I decided to make this puzzle for the event.

Under development

Tutorials and Sample Programs (for DIV):
Download Size

A sample program which generates a machine independent, real time clock. Time is visualized in mm:ss format (minutes/seconds).

A sample program which generates a machine independent, real time clock. Time is visualized on a "clock sphere", using a hand for minutes and another clock hand for seconds.

A sample program which demonstrates a cannon, and how its bullet is affected by the initial angle and power of the cannon, and by gravity.

A sample program where the player's plane fire guided missiles to an enemy plane. The missiles leave trailing smoke.

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Tank Battle Tutorial

A six part tutorial to make a tank battle simulation. At the end you will achieve the results shown in the images at the left. Contents:

Chapter 1 - Drawing a column of 15 'friendly' tanks. Each tank is drawn using two processes (base and turret).

Chapter 2 - Drawing a complete group of up to 90 'friendly' tanks.

Chapter 3 - Addition of up to 90 'enemy tanks'. The enemy tanks start firing at the 'friendly' tanks.

Chapter 4 - Aiming of turrets. 'Friends' and enemies fire one at the other. Shields taken in account to define tank strength. Addition of graphics and sound effects.

Chapter 5 - Addition of dynamic shadows to tanks and turrets. More graphic and sound effects.

Chapter 6 - Display information on screen regarding battle progress.

251K zip file (includes all the chapters, graphics and sound)

Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Chapter 6

Click on any of the graphics for a bigger picture - NOTE: Real game demo images are much better! (don't believe me - try by yourself ...)
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