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"Space Duel" Game Page


This is a two player game, 2D, top view. Each player controls a spaceship (using the keyboard). The objective of the game is to outmaneuver and destroy all the ships from the other player.

Periodically, special weapons appear, but even when captured, they remain active only for 10 seconds (and then you have to capture another special weapon).

Some of the game options are also customizable by the player (see below)

System Requirements: DOS, Win 95, Win 98 (It WON'T work on Win NT or Win 2000! ). Screen resolution: 640 X 480.

File Size: 882K (zip file), 3.25MB (installed)

Last Version: 2.3 (August 2001)

Special weapons list

Click on any of the screenshots for a bigger picture
  • Extended weapons range
  • Two Ways Shot
  • Big Shot
  • Auto Fire
  • "Heat seeking" Missiles
  • Fragmentation Bomb
  • Triple Shot
Player configurable options
  • Ships quantity per game (3, 5, 7)
  • Ship size (three types)
  • Speed (linear and rotational)
  • Enable / disable sound

Download Space Duel V2.3

Note: This program is FREEWARE

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