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Games Links

The home page of an excellent game development tool: Unity
POVRAY: A Ray tracing 3D modeling and rendering tool (It is the one I used for Metula)
Next time you have a gift for your kid, let it be a Treasure Hunt!
Graphics Manipulation: IrfanView (grab it at ZDNET)
Freeware Files - As the name says: downloads programs and other files for free
Retro Remakes Site
Graphics Conversion Utility (very useful for making 256 bit BMP files): WavelSoft PIC2PIC


Models Links

International Plastic Modelers Society (IPMS) - Israel Branch site
Israeli Air Force (IAF) official Web site - Hebrew / English


Friends' Links

Tali's site
Dream Time Web Site
A beautiful lodge (zimmer) in northern Galilee (Ramot Naftali)


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