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Hi, welcome to my home page.

Here I intend to put some information about our (many) hobbies.


Come in, and I hope you will have fun.

"What good would be a better payed job, if it didn't leave me time for my hobbies?"
Moti Cohen

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Site News:

  13/09/2003 A selection of feedbacks from visitors is included in the contact section. A new masterpiece from Nancy in the Graphics page. Yet more new photos in the Family page.

Desert Hawk is here! This arcade game enables yourself to climb to the cockpit of a WWII aircraft and defend the skies of Israel - More details here.

  24/08/2002 Three new drawing from Nancy are available in the Graphics page. The IAF Hebrew names planes table was updated. And some new photos in the Family page.

Four new, colour drawings from Nancy (a new star shining on the arts arena...), available here. And - a much bigger version of Lunar Lander (V1.4), with 15 scenarios, three difficulty levels, campaign mode, background music, and more. Grab it here.

  19/05/2002 A new, six chapter tutorial for a Tank Battle in DIV - This program is also related to the Quality or Quantity article at the Other Stuff page. And also, new Links.

Well... a lot of time without changes... So here they are: More additions at the Other stuff. Photos, of course, at Family & Friends. More drawings from Nancy in the Graphics page. And a table with hebrew names of planes in service (present and past) in the IAF.

  27/02/2002 Some additional photos of our last vacation at Family & Friends.

More than 1,000 visitors to the site in three months! ... - There are new DIV sample programs (the current total is four). Check the games section. - Another 3D model for Povray in the Graphics page (a Sidewinder missile). - And lots of new photos at Family & Friends

  28/01/2001 Two sample programs (tutorials) for DIV. Check the games section.

Archived News

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